Monday, December 26, 2011


I hope you and yours had a joyful Christmas day. Mine was pleasant... family and friends, a relaxed sleepy all day long (I tell you, all that refined sugar), and Luke 2 as our passage for the day.

So tonight I'm presenting the favorites from my mirror session! Photos by Jamie (I only wish she had her own blog... maybe I'll feature a few photos from her session soon). If you're tuning in just now and need further description on this mirroring deal, scroll down or click here. I'm gonna do my best to explain to you why each photo is important to my specific season of life. Ready??

Whenever I'm living or staying at home, I must hug my mom in the mornings. It's like standard procedure. Our family has a thing for hanging out in the kitchen in our pajamas. Getting the perfect breakfast together is one of my favorite things right now.

Ingredients for life? This season has brought along plenty of quirky health issues, including new discoveries about my low blood sugar. Whole foods, raw sugars, whole wheat... that's what I try to eat now and I love it.

The perfect morning includes good music, a tasty breakfast, coffee (with creamer), yoga pants, and quiet time ingredients (i.e. Bible, journal, pen)... I think morning will always be my favorite time of day.

This is my favorite way to feel comfort right now. Like the couch is swallowing that moment, I was probably smelling my coffee, not actually drinking it. I smell just as much as I sip. Peace. Also, I like to eat one piece of toast with coconut oil & honey, the other with pure Irish butter and kosher salt...

Spiritually, I'm trying. I try to pay attention. I try to pray... and I know the Lord honors my efforts. I promise I wasn't aiming at this particular facial expression, but Jamie caught something very real.

When I first presented my mirror-rorrim request to Jamie, she was very receptive. I asked where she would want her photos taken and she said in the city 'cause she feels small right now. I thought, "perfect. perfect."

This is my belly-yum-yum dance. I invented it a couple months ago in my kitchen while baking a bacon cheesecake with my friend Jarrod. And I decided people would feel endeared toward me when I did this. It naturally comes out now whenever I dance... hopefully it passes? I can see myself now busting it out at a wedding.
{To my credit, I was dancing to "Belly of the Lion" by John Mark McMillan}

Dancing in the light. Sooo heaven. I just have to believe there will be this in heaven. It makes me so happy.

I've been very attentive while putting on makeup recently. I don't know how else to describe the experience. Not attentive to my appearance alone, but to my spirit... I pay close attention to how each alteration of my look affects my feelings of me. I try to find beauty in the process, not just the finished product.

Mascara is most fun. It's the one thing I put on (well, ok. 2 things: foundation and mascara) if I don't have time for "real makeup", which was most Mondays-Fridays this semester. Instant wake up! Fun fact: I can put on mascara without opening my mouth.

I'm so glad Jamie caught this. I make this face a lot in my mind but I don't think I ever knew just what it looked like. This face is anxiety masked in fast-paced living. Yikes, it is.

We went to the road that serves as our local 2 lane highway amidst big suburbs. I commute on this road from home to school, which means the semester I lived at home, I spent a lot of time here. It is beautiful. I love to roll down the windows on a sunny day and see just how green the grass can get. I got out and talked with the cows for a bit.

Every woman needs to be able to look at a proper photo of herself and say "I am beautiful". There's nothing easy about the above said task, but I believe this to be true! I am beautiful. Not only here... I am beautiful.
And I know I don't even have to describe the battle that rages on my insides when I utter such a phrase. I think you feel that too, whether you're woman or man.

When I get very excited, I can't contain myself. Here, excitement manifested itself in "Hi cows!" Whatever the situation (a surprise present from a friend, good coffee smells, the reality of God's grace, being on an airplane), I always wear excitement on my sleeve... or my face. It's good to feel excited at least once a day, I think.

So there you have it. Mirroring. Inspired by Shine**ing (look, look!)... and very, totally worth it. Thanks, Jae, for mirroring me.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the last two photos. you are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you ARE beautiful! :) Love ya, Christine!