Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Mirror Christmas

Do you know about Shannon Leith? You can find her here.

Her new shine** portrait experience inspired Jamie and I to do a photo adventure with one another. We wanted to capture activities we love. We wanted to stay away from posing, though we threw some cheesy poses in 'cause we're both hammy. We wanted to look at ourselves the way God looks at his girls. Well, actually, that would be impossible because we can not fathom the extent to which God loves us, but we did commit ourselves to patience and grace. We set out the rule-- no blaming for vanity. "It is about you right now, so you've got to focus." We called our day-long photo adventure mirror-rorrim (hehe, get it?). The title was inspired by a professor of mine who said week after week this semester that "when we look at a spiritual friend, we see ourselves more clearly... as if looking in a mirror."

So yesterday we did our mirror sessions and today we looked through each photo, talked about what it "said", and did a bit of editing. Jamie and I usually follow the tradition of passing time together on Christmas Eve so it was perfect. Merry Christmas us!

Here's one photo... my favorite of the dancing ones (there's a lot of those).

I'll publish an album after Christmas. I think it's good for me to sit with the images, pray through some of them ("God, what do you see here?"), and carefully choose a good representation of me.

So Happy Christmas, everyone! Here's a great verse as click-away:

Now to the Lord, sing praises, all you within this place.
And with true love and brotherhood, each other now embrace.
This holy tide of Christmas all others doth deface,
Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy.
Oh tidings of comfort and joy!

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Jason Leith said...

Nice! I'm so glad that you did this and that you have the personality that follows through with things that you want to do.