Saturday, October 2, 2010

4th Anual Fall Day!

Every year, my sister Laura and I have "Fall Day". It started as a craving for cold weather and pumpkin spice lattes while I was still in high school. Now, we've got each aspect of Fall Day traditions down to an art.

First, attire: we do our best to stand wearing scarves. It's usually still warm on Fall Day, so this year I think we'll just wear them when we're indoors, in the AC.

We start at a nursery by the beach where we buy mini pumpkins for $1. (I really need to write a post about the national pumpkin's been a small source of anxiety!). Then we go to a ritzy mall and window shop while sipping our satisfying seasonal lattes from Starbucks. Anthropologie is one of our favorite stores to gawk over, so we always make a stop in there. Once we've sufficiently looked, stocked up on a few early (discount) Christmas presents, and browsed at autumn decor in the bookstore magazines, we head home.

But it doesn't end there, my friends! The evening is topped off with a butternut squash soup and crescent roll dinner in front of a fall episode of Gilmore Girls.

And tomorrow is Fall Day... yes, of course there's room for flexibility within our tradition, but the specific aspects of this special day are what Laura and I so get excited over!

Do you have any fun traditions in which you and your family partake?

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