Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Save it for a rainy day

This is how my day looks. I absolutely love the rain! And I learned how to light a fire this morning (it's about time!). So with yarn in hand, the warm fire on, and a cheesy movie playing, I came to think of how good it is to rest. Today's picture is most certainly not an accurate portrayal of my daily life. I do love having an interlude in the craziness, but usually, I am busy with two part-time jobs and a full class load. The Lord promises rest to the weary and heavy laden and I am blessed to be experiencing a lengthier season of rest during this vacation. I love seasons!
In art, both my own and others', I tend to look for snowflakes, daisies, sun rays, and autumn leaves, the four symbols that best look to me like the four seasons. I enjoy blossoms in the backyard during spring time, roasting in the sun and camping during summer, crunching in the leaves and smelling vanilla in the fall (which usually comes about now where I'm from), and pretending there's snow outside during winter. The four seasons are such a representation of the growth and progression we experience in life.
I've just come out of a more difficult season, emotionally. The Lord was by my side through the storm and has been faithful in slowly bringing me into a season of rejoicing. I am thanking him daily that I have the time and space to rest in this season as I rejoice over his unfailing love.
Enjoying our fake winter/truly autumn day, and hoping you are as well.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Inspiration Co.

Inspiration is a greeting card "company" name. It's not a real company, though I have sold some cards, but I love creating these visual treats, especially when I have time off. Mostly its birthday cards and thank yous. When I create a card, I think about the person who will be receiving it. Making things with my hands, whether they be cards, bookmarks, picture collages, scrapbook pages, hats and scarves, whatever... serves as an outlet for me. I savor moments of creativity as time to let my mind wander. My motto is "everyone is creative because we have a creator!" And I love helping others engender a crafty hobby. These are a few of my recent cards... more to come as I make my Nana her Christmas cards for 2010 over vacation.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day was wonderful, and so way this fantastic gift: a blog from my sister!

Christine wanted a blog for here you go sissy!

I know you have a ton of amazing things to say so I look forward to being your first follower. Enjoy writing and sharing with others.

I love you,

Each Christmas I seem to grasp a new realization about our Savior's birth. Throughout advent this year, I've pondered the fact that Jesus understands us. He did not come to earth to be the tallest, brightest, most popular and loved man. No, he came to live a humble life, complete with stubbed toes, sickness, and temptation. Because he experienced it all, he understands it all. He understands my situations, moods, questions, my...everything. Along with yours. This is not to undermine the most significant implication of Jesus' birth: our salvation, however, it helps me to appreciate Jesus even more. His birth of inestimable worth has again amazed me. Glory to God in the highest!