Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emanuel, Whatever the Season

A recent journaled prayer:

"This green snowflake represents how I feel about the current season. I'm so happy about the fall weather this week, but I'm also quite content with sneaking in Christmas celebration to make this Christmas season a really long one.

The thought just struck me: I need to be celebrating your birth if I'm starting up the secular seasonalities of Christmas. I'm sorry for not having your birth as my very first thought of Christmas! Forgive me. For your birth is GOD coming down to US as Emanuel!

Oh come, oh come Emanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lowly exile here
Until the Son of God appear.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emanuel
Shall come to thee, oh Israel.

...thank you. So much! And thank you that I'm not in that spiritually dark place I thought I was entering. You know why.

In Jesus, Amen."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Halted Gallivant

After a chunk of time spent reading brilliant writers, I am inspired, yet dry. The well of ideas that is my ever-gallivanting mind suddenly stops.

I have been desiring good rest so much and trying to stray from laziness. Living at home is not what I expected. I love spending time with Levi... making silly noises together and chasing him as he crawls all over. It's hard not being known. Hard for everyone, I'm sure.

A 45 minute commute is tiring. I'm so excited to visit my great friend across the country next week.

Oh Lord, may there be rest?

"I want a snowfall kind of love... 'cause I'm a snowfall kind of girl." I'm in a weird position where I'm trying to love singleness but still heart-aching over having yet to see my first real relationship with a boy happen.

Calvinism, Arminianism. Lord help me not to cry when we talk about it today. Why does it make me cry?

Chicken, pesto, balsamic, pineapple, chocolate all ruminating in my stomach contently.

You are my good rest. Thanks that I learned how to knit with chopsticks.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I ended my last post a little bluntly with something like, "and Sabbath days are my favorite..." So I'll expound by giving an example. I took the Sabbath rest day yesterday, Saturday. I woke up slowly. I had some chai and good time with the Lord (reflecting upon "Emmanuel")...he is SO good.

And then, I went to the apple orchard with Marianna and her delightful mama, Connie! This is an orchard I've visited with my family since I was a young girl and I love showing it off to new people. Over the years, it's gotten a lot more public and commercial, but it definitely still has that small town, kitschy vibe. I'm all for keeping it a secret and just sharing by old fashioned word of mouth! (Notice I'm not mentioning the name here... I heard an advertisement for this orchard on the radio the other day and was so tempted to call in and say, "No! What are you doing!")

Anyways, we spent the day tasting apples and apple cider, walking through beautiful trees, listening to folkish music, and enjoying the true cold. And we saw a TON of cute kids! I just love making secret friends with little ones... when their staring and peeking behind their mommy's shoulders, I'll wave and see their silly reactions. And no, this is not creepy. We need to restore the innocent community feel of our neighborhoods...or orchards (hehe), so that kids can just be kids!

I came home with a half bushel of second apples (ones with bruises, punctures, etc.) and made a fatty batch of apple sauce.

Lovely time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day in the Life...

I don't usually write a report of my "every day", but I thought it would be a nice change of pace...

6:00am-Up! Get my body, mind, and spirit ready for the day. I give my mom a hug, make a cup of coffee, think about my hopes and dreams... oh, plus all the essential stuff like showering.
7:10am-Out the door (ideally). I listen to the local Christian Family Channel's morning show.
7:45am-Realizing I'm going to be late and making my plan for running.
8:00am-Either class or work
Learn, learn, learn, work, work, work...
Sometime in that sleepy part of the afternoon-Coffee break/snack attack. Ahhh!

The days I'm on campus are long and laborious, but I'm learning to appreciate the pace. I could easily go the whole day without having a single significant conversation, so to avoid that, I make lunch/dinner plans with someone on most days. Marianna on Mondays, Lydia and Josilynn on Thursdays...

9:00-10:00ishPM-Drive home, STAY AWAKE!
10:30ish-"Goodnight moon."

A day off is a totally different story.

I like to take the morning slow and I like waking up early. I used to try to fight that 'cause it's not cool to wake up early when your a young 20-something with "no" responsibilities (psh), but not anymore. I have the luxury of actually being able to do slow mornings 4 days out of the week. The ideal slow morning consists of a bowl of cereal, a walk around the neighborhood, a shower, a cup of coffee and "fun" online time, and quiet time with the Lord... K, this "ideal" happens maybe once a week! On most of my days at home, I'm doing homework by mid-morning. I usually take a break to play with the baby sometime in the middle of the day and I eat lunch with my brother and sister-in-law. Frequently, a nap happens in the afternoon on these days. Eventually, dinner with the family and an early turn-in for another day on campus. Yes, I realize I'm blessed to have these home days. It's a really unique life I'm living this semester and I'm enjoying it!

Sabbath days are my favorite. Once a week, I set aside a day (usually Sunday) for no homework or crazy organizing endeavors at home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Single

Trust me, friends, this is a severe case of "fake it 'til you feel it." In other words, I DON'T always love being single, but I'm trying harder these days to find joy and contentment...I think the Lord MAY be preparing me for a season of singleness after college. [Oh but don't let this scare you away gentlemen... I am OPEN to the idea of pursuit. Haha, see how hard this is for me?!]

Time to bite the bullet and give you my list.

1. A girly space in which to live. I have the option of getting my own apartment and putting up flowery wall-paper with zero complaints from "the man".
2. I could potentially have my one, simple bank account for a long time.
3. I'm always eligible for the single ladies bouquet toss at weddings!
4. It just seems more sensible for a SINGLE woman to start a greeting card business...
5. I can be Lauralai Gilmore's kindred spirit.
6. I can puck up and travel without getting a ton of affairs in order.
7. The whole Jesus/Paul factor talked about in 1 Corinthians 7... less distraction/commitment outside of ministry.
8. When I buy myself flowers, they're always the exact ones I wanted!
9. I've always wanted to live alone...for a bit.
10. High heals, yes?

Thanks, God, for where you have me. I'm learning to love it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I wrote this poem while waiting in line for prophetic prayer at a local International House of Prayer last night:

The strangest waiting room I'VE ever known.
I mistake fervent prayer for animated conversation and spirit-filled tears for sadness.
My bad.
She's coming, she's coming!
No, not the "female version of God."
The number lady.
Oh! But they're only on number 17 and I'm 36...
I suppose I'll practice harmonizing.
Well I don't want to show no disrespect
To those having real moments.
I've just never.
Quite like this before!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

4th Anual Fall Day!

Every year, my sister Laura and I have "Fall Day". It started as a craving for cold weather and pumpkin spice lattes while I was still in high school. Now, we've got each aspect of Fall Day traditions down to an art.

First, attire: we do our best to stand wearing scarves. It's usually still warm on Fall Day, so this year I think we'll just wear them when we're indoors, in the AC.

We start at a nursery by the beach where we buy mini pumpkins for $1. (I really need to write a post about the national pumpkin's been a small source of anxiety!). Then we go to a ritzy mall and window shop while sipping our satisfying seasonal lattes from Starbucks. Anthropologie is one of our favorite stores to gawk over, so we always make a stop in there. Once we've sufficiently looked, stocked up on a few early (discount) Christmas presents, and browsed at autumn decor in the bookstore magazines, we head home.

But it doesn't end there, my friends! The evening is topped off with a butternut squash soup and crescent roll dinner in front of a fall episode of Gilmore Girls.

And tomorrow is Fall Day... yes, of course there's room for flexibility within our tradition, but the specific aspects of this special day are what Laura and I so get excited over!

Do you have any fun traditions in which you and your family partake?