Sunday, October 24, 2010


I ended my last post a little bluntly with something like, "and Sabbath days are my favorite..." So I'll expound by giving an example. I took the Sabbath rest day yesterday, Saturday. I woke up slowly. I had some chai and good time with the Lord (reflecting upon "Emmanuel")...he is SO good.

And then, I went to the apple orchard with Marianna and her delightful mama, Connie! This is an orchard I've visited with my family since I was a young girl and I love showing it off to new people. Over the years, it's gotten a lot more public and commercial, but it definitely still has that small town, kitschy vibe. I'm all for keeping it a secret and just sharing by old fashioned word of mouth! (Notice I'm not mentioning the name here... I heard an advertisement for this orchard on the radio the other day and was so tempted to call in and say, "No! What are you doing!")

Anyways, we spent the day tasting apples and apple cider, walking through beautiful trees, listening to folkish music, and enjoying the true cold. And we saw a TON of cute kids! I just love making secret friends with little ones... when their staring and peeking behind their mommy's shoulders, I'll wave and see their silly reactions. And no, this is not creepy. We need to restore the innocent community feel of our neighborhoods...or orchards (hehe), so that kids can just be kids!

I came home with a half bushel of second apples (ones with bruises, punctures, etc.) and made a fatty batch of apple sauce.

Lovely time.

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