Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Halted Gallivant

After a chunk of time spent reading brilliant writers, I am inspired, yet dry. The well of ideas that is my ever-gallivanting mind suddenly stops.

I have been desiring good rest so much and trying to stray from laziness. Living at home is not what I expected. I love spending time with Levi... making silly noises together and chasing him as he crawls all over. It's hard not being known. Hard for everyone, I'm sure.

A 45 minute commute is tiring. I'm so excited to visit my great friend across the country next week.

Oh Lord, may there be rest?

"I want a snowfall kind of love... 'cause I'm a snowfall kind of girl." I'm in a weird position where I'm trying to love singleness but still heart-aching over having yet to see my first real relationship with a boy happen.

Calvinism, Arminianism. Lord help me not to cry when we talk about it today. Why does it make me cry?

Chicken, pesto, balsamic, pineapple, chocolate all ruminating in my stomach contently.

You are my good rest. Thanks that I learned how to knit with chopsticks.

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