Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day in the Life...

I don't usually write a report of my "every day", but I thought it would be a nice change of pace...

6:00am-Up! Get my body, mind, and spirit ready for the day. I give my mom a hug, make a cup of coffee, think about my hopes and dreams... oh, plus all the essential stuff like showering.
7:10am-Out the door (ideally). I listen to the local Christian Family Channel's morning show.
7:45am-Realizing I'm going to be late and making my plan for running.
8:00am-Either class or work
Learn, learn, learn, work, work, work...
Sometime in that sleepy part of the afternoon-Coffee break/snack attack. Ahhh!

The days I'm on campus are long and laborious, but I'm learning to appreciate the pace. I could easily go the whole day without having a single significant conversation, so to avoid that, I make lunch/dinner plans with someone on most days. Marianna on Mondays, Lydia and Josilynn on Thursdays...

9:00-10:00ishPM-Drive home, STAY AWAKE!
10:30ish-"Goodnight moon."

A day off is a totally different story.

I like to take the morning slow and I like waking up early. I used to try to fight that 'cause it's not cool to wake up early when your a young 20-something with "no" responsibilities (psh), but not anymore. I have the luxury of actually being able to do slow mornings 4 days out of the week. The ideal slow morning consists of a bowl of cereal, a walk around the neighborhood, a shower, a cup of coffee and "fun" online time, and quiet time with the Lord... K, this "ideal" happens maybe once a week! On most of my days at home, I'm doing homework by mid-morning. I usually take a break to play with the baby sometime in the middle of the day and I eat lunch with my brother and sister-in-law. Frequently, a nap happens in the afternoon on these days. Eventually, dinner with the family and an early turn-in for another day on campus. Yes, I realize I'm blessed to have these home days. It's a really unique life I'm living this semester and I'm enjoying it!

Sabbath days are my favorite. Once a week, I set aside a day (usually Sunday) for no homework or crazy organizing endeavors at home.

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