Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being Single

Trust me, friends, this is a severe case of "fake it 'til you feel it." In other words, I DON'T always love being single, but I'm trying harder these days to find joy and contentment...I think the Lord MAY be preparing me for a season of singleness after college. [Oh but don't let this scare you away gentlemen... I am OPEN to the idea of pursuit. Haha, see how hard this is for me?!]

Time to bite the bullet and give you my list.

1. A girly space in which to live. I have the option of getting my own apartment and putting up flowery wall-paper with zero complaints from "the man".
2. I could potentially have my one, simple bank account for a long time.
3. I'm always eligible for the single ladies bouquet toss at weddings!
4. It just seems more sensible for a SINGLE woman to start a greeting card business...
5. I can be Lauralai Gilmore's kindred spirit.
6. I can puck up and travel without getting a ton of affairs in order.
7. The whole Jesus/Paul factor talked about in 1 Corinthians 7... less distraction/commitment outside of ministry.
8. When I buy myself flowers, they're always the exact ones I wanted!
9. I've always wanted to live alone...for a bit.
10. High heals, yes?

Thanks, God, for where you have me. I'm learning to love it.


Josilynn said...

Higher healing? must be from all your female nursing major friends :)

Christine Nichole said...

Yes, I definitely (ahem) meant higher healing but meant "high heels". I had a feeling you would find a spelling error, Jos! I wrote this one speedily.