Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Digress into Something Joyful

Friends, I send my thanks to those of you who have been praying for me, sending encouraging words my way, and empathizing with my current state. Since being home from Kansas City, God has shown his graciousness in numerous ways. No doubt, I'll be writing a more thoughtful update in the days to come. For today, however, I'm feeling a bit more light-hearted.

You see, this evening I cracked into my 5th grade diary. I literally had to break the lock... did I throw away the key all those years ago? I guess so. I felt blessed to read something I had written when there was still so much I didn't know... and I'm sure I'll feel that way my whole life looking back on any sort of my own writing that I happen upon. The Lord reminded me of his constant pleasure toward my efforts and his magnificent plan that has been at work since before I was born. Here's a little excerpt from my diary that will hopefully make you giggle:

"Dear Diary, I haven't written to you sience 1'st grade. Well I'm in 5'th grade now. God is pulling me closser to him. I must have prayed a million times today asking him to help me to open you. Tomorrow Brittany is going to church. She is a christian...
Today I'm planning on reading and doing science homework. I'll try to write tomorrow!
-Christine #7
P.S.-God answered my prarys!"

Gotta love that spelling! I'm just sitting in all that tonight and loving the look-back. And in honor of "the old days", here's a fun picture of my brother, sister, and me. Hey, we all inherited sensitive-to-sunlight blue eyes! (I'm the little one)

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