Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finally! A Spring Favorite!

I realized today that I DO like something about spring: daylight. And I think (eep!) I may have a new favorite time of day for a season. Don't get me wrong, I will never turn my back on the early bird club but right now, I really like early evenings.

I like walking home from class at 4:00 or 5-something and having the sun still shining. I like thinking of what I will make for dinner and I like opening all the windows and letting the beginnings of evening air make their way in.

God had been so gracious to me. Even though I am taking 18 units this semester, he has given me plenty of opportunities for slow mornings and sunny early evenings. He is supernaturally generous... I SHOULD NOT have as much expendable time as I have had, but he knows me well. How good is he to gift me in ways so specific to my tender heart?! Thank you, Lord.

So tonight: Thai chicken with homemade peanut sauce and brown rice...very exciting.
(oh and the photo up top is our fridge this week. i like that it's nice and colorful right now.)


Kristina said...

That sounds amazing and the Lord is good!

Marianna.Beth said...

i am very happy for you =D