Sunday, December 4, 2011

Second Annual

Tonight is my second annual Sleighbell Sisters' Soiree all-girls Christmas party. And I have a lot to do... so why am I here? I guess this is just my de-stressing (oft confused with distressing) outlet.

I was thinking last night as I hung the banner outside my apartment door... "what if I get to the 50th annual Scubed party?" I'll be 70 years old. Oh my! That got me to thinking of all the things I may be doing at 70 and, much to my surprise, I felt really excited about that future. Though I have no idea who I will marry, how many children I'll have, if I'll really end up living overseas or not... I know that when I'm 70, I will still have girlfriends and I will still love Christmas. Amazing.

So here's to keeping (and starting) traditions.

Little Levi (our honorary male at the Soiree last year)... it's as if he's saying, "Oh my gosh, it's CHRISTMAAAS!!!"

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