Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...Before we start all over again!

This evening I remembered a song we learned in first grade, teaching us the twelve months of the year. It was slightly robotic and simply sang: "January, February, March, etc. etc., remember that December is the end, before we start all over agaaaaaaaaaain with January..." Fun and silly, but it's remained perfectly in my mind since then. So I thought of how I love to sort my life into sections, be it spiritual seasons, time between hair cuts, semesters, or hello! months. Here are a few of my favorite things from each month:
January-the Rose Parade, time off from school, talking to my brother in Minnesota about the benumbing temperatures
February-making Valentines, February riddles (You know: "in which month do Americans consume the least amount of soda? February!" Figure it out.)
March-pulling out shorts and tank tops, making a big deal about St. Patrick's day because my roommate things little holidays are funny
April-reflecting on the power of the resurrection, my mom and dad's anniversary (always an encouragement to me), blossoms on the apricot tree
May-sun dresses, the beginning of summer
June-June gloom!, good books
July-traveling, babysitting, fireworks
August-my birthday, tanning without having to try because it's so stinking hot
September-pretending like it's fall, going to the beach
October-the scent of vanilla, decorating for fall, dressing up for Halloween (no matter what I am, I use Halloween as an excuse to wear red lipstick!)
November-candied yams
December-um Christmas!, the relief of being done with a semester, having my family home.
I am inspired by months.

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