Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love LA!

Los Angeles. Home of the Hollywood Bowl, Pink's hot dogs, and lots of Dodger fans. Though these are some of LA's most popular scenes, I am partial to the rich culture of LA...it's humanism intrigues me. In high school, I went on numerous community service trips to LA during school breaks to help homeless and needy people. On these trips is where I developed a love for the hurting and helpless. They exist in every big city of the world, and though America is vastly rich (yes, rich!), there are poor among us.
God has recently been laying it on my heart to pray for the homeless in America. I have my eye out specifically for homeless women in need and I believe that the Lord hears each of our prayers and allows our prayers to move his heart. While I was in LA yesterday, enjoying a daycation with my best friend, I had thoughts of the homeless in the back of my mind. Would you pray with me that God would provide food, warmth, shelter, and jobs to the homeless in the LA area?

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