Friday, January 1, 2010

Hats off to 2010!

A fresh new year. I celebrated with my family by going to the rose parade, a yearly tradition! It was a grand time.
Every year, I try to make a new year's resolution, which ends up being more like a January resolution that I can't even remember by December. So this year, my new year's resolution is more attainable. I resolve to returning borrowed items in a timely manner. I'm terribly bad with this. I tend to hold onto people's things, whether they be movies, clothes, or food (which is tempting to finish off). My roommate can attest to this. I once held onto a pair of her earrings for a whole semester! So in 2010, I plan to return items to my generous friends and family apace. Starting with a certain white shirt hanging in my closet...

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