Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caffeine Saga

First of all, I have a love-hate accord with caffeine.
The reason? It intensely effects me... like special effects. If I'm sleepy, I'll drink a cup of coffee and wake up in no time. Love that! And since I'm a good sleeper, I don't actually need caffeine often. However, if I drink too much caffeine, I get some serious jitters. Since one cup of a caffeinated beverage keeps me alert for about five hours, I have to be scrupulous. Sometimes I tell myself, "But I love coffee! I shouldn't have to be so attentive to how much caffeine I'm taking in." So my resolve?
Half Caf!
Just enough to give me that burst of energy, but not enough to leave me with the jitters. Now if I'm at Starbuck's, it's a different story. A cup of half caf Starbucks wakes me up like a cup of ordinary anything-else. So we do decaf there. (Who's we? Me and my friend Blanch who lives in my head? I would delete it and say "I", but I'm just in that kind of a mood, hehe.)
Now, coffee versus soda versus tea. Coffee tends to act strongest (at least in my body. It may be different in yours). Soda is next (it will especially get me roused up if it's heavy in sugar too). Tea is last, unless we're talking Chai, which does the magic caffeine thing for me. For some, black tea makes them most alert. My parents drink tea almost every day and find black tea to be helpful with wakefulness.
The last thing I have to say about caffeine? I didn't learn how to spell it until last year! It's an inksome one... I used to spell it "caffine".
Ok, not really the last thing. Here's my final statement on the matter: though I am grateful for coffee and such, my goal has always been to not become addicted. The Lord has provided me with the resources to get a good night sleep most days. Before I reach for a tasty bev, I do my best to check that I'm relying on God, not a (legal) drug (and thank you, Lord, that it is legal!). This is a conviction he's given me, but the story may be different for you!

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