Monday, January 25, 2010

Making a birthday great

Happy Birthday, Dad! My family and I made merry my dad's special day on Friday, complete with dinner, games, and homemade frozen yogurt. I love birthdays because they are a chance to make loved-ones feel special. So, how do you make a birthday great?
-Everyone is entitled to a "birthday week". Make your special one's birthday week by reminding them, "only __ days 'til your birthday!". A birthday eve is especially brilliant for celebrating when someone's birthday will be on a work/school day.
-Decorate! In our dorm rooms, we decorate people's doors with crape paper, ribbon, signs, etc. I love to choose a theme. For my dad's birthday I went with a Chinese theme, putting up red and yellow streamers, Chinese lanterns and a Chinese "happy birthday" sign.
-Make little efforts throughout the day to make the birthday person feel special. I like to send texts or do a certain number of tiny things (for a 16-year-old, maybe sixteen pieces of chocolate hidden where they'll find them throughout their day). These things can show someone you care for them, even if you don't have much money to spend on a gift.
Speaking of thrifty ideas...
-Make a gift! Putting together a picture collage, giving a "ticket" for whatever kind of cookie they choose, or packaging up something cheap, like a dozen crazy-print socks are a few ideas. If you're buying a gift, perhaps wrap it in a piece of your own art or the comics page of a newspaper. I gave my dad a hand made scarf for his trip to Minnesota and wrapped it in the sports page!
I encourage you to make a great birthday in the near future... and remember: sometimes efforts of time make more of an impression than do sacrifices of money.

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