Thursday, January 14, 2010

Posture, Please!

When I was eleven, I would hear my ballet teacher say, "Can you give me some posture, please?" as students would walk in and out of the studio. Being a dancer for most of my life, I should have mastered the art of posture by now, but I sadly have not. So on Monday, I started a three week posture campaign! It takes twenty one days to form a habit and I am determined to improve my posture. I want to be a healthier person and I want to be free of the tension headaches that so often pester me! So here's what I've unearthed in the past four days of my personal posture program:
-Your heels, rear, face of your shoulder blades, and back of your head should be in a straight line... it's easy to start out against a wall.
-Tilting a desk/office chair forward is helpful because you can still rest against its back, for the most part.
-After a few days of good posture, you will be sore! It's tempting to slouch, but I know my back muscles are getting stronger.
-You have to let yourself rest. When reading, watching TV, etc, use lots of pillows to build good support for your back and neck, but then let your body relax.
Of course this is all amateur advice, but I'm learning! Give a shout out if you'd like to join in the posture party and we can keep each other accountable.

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