Sunday, February 28, 2010

The trust bond

Yesterday, I went to Los Angeles with my Interpersonal and Intercultural Adjustment class (try saying that ten times fast) to practice the trust bond. There's this concept called the prior question of trust (PQT) that I honestly only understand half way, but we were supposed to be asking it as we ventured through the metro, Union Station, Ovlera St., and Chinatown.
(On a side note, I felt very urban with my scarf and Panamanian bag, trying to look like I knew exactally where I was going.)
Here was my biggest discovery: to build trust with a vendor (of any culture), it's usually necessary to buy their product. I learned this a few month ago in Little India too. Through asking questions of store owners about the history of their business or their background with the area, a little trust can be built. Real trust, however, comes when I (the consumer) give business to, and in turn, help with the well-being of the owner.
As my readers know, I'm in a season of no spending, which put me in an interesting position. I did budget myself a little cash during lent for when I'm in a situation which requires spending. I spent my first $5.00 yesterday on a metro ticket. I did not buy from any vendors, and in retrospect, maybe I should have. Giving someone business opens up a door for conversation (as I observed). Next time I venture into a culturally diverse area of LA, I'll plan on spending a little money, if only to display my willingness to relate to store owners. The trust bond can be built, but the first step is to show someone you care about what they're doing with their life. Support them and trust will follow.

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nessa~rose said...

This really interests me....I'll have to ask you more in person sometime.