Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How close is my brain to exploding?

I feel like I've thought about A LOT (by the way, a big pet peeve of mine is when people combine those two words into alot... ick.) Here's a list of the discussions I've had and/or thoughts I've ventured into in the past 24 hours:

-The possibility and value of traveling in order to gain an appreciation for living in a new culture. I want to do it!
-What my next year will look like... the hope I have that there are options no matter how things pan out. Thanks, Lord.
-Famous people are very real and seeing their "flaws" makes them more tangible as human beings.
-Being proud of where you have come from is important.
-God has no limits, yet the way our church functions today is drastically different from the way the early church of Acts functioned.
-When conversing about differing personality and conversational styles, it's easy to overlook the sins within one of these certain frameworks.
-Do I really believe all sins are forgivable? Even if they are committed against me?
-Being misunderstood by others is something that happens quite often... how we mean to express an idea or passion often falls short of the actual idea or passion in our minds. In my case, my presentation of ideas usually looks "cute" to the people around me even if I'm trying to be serious.

Gosh, you ever have these days when your brain seems to be really into thinking? I mean, I know that's what our brains are for, but I'm typically not a fan of over-thinking... I sometimes don't even like to think deeply. But not today! Thank God it's still in me.

What are your thoughts?

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