Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Spending!

For lent, I have given up spending money! I know it sounds a little extreme, but I believe I've made myself a do-able system. The reason I'm doing this is not necessarily because I have been spending too much money, but I want to use this season of preparing for our Lord's death and resurrection by being a good steward of what he's given me. I want to practice resourcefulness!
Here's how I prepared:
-I received the Lord's blessing-even though this "fast" is not typical, I feel like he has given me the ability to choose areas in which I want to grow and wise spending is one of them.
-I stocked up on dry foods/snacks.
-I bought a full tank of gas (if I'm careful, I can make Shamu-my minivan last for 40 days).
-I bought printer ink!
-I thought ahead to a few birthdays coming up and bought simple gifts, which I will add creative and resourceful touches to.
Here are a few rules for myself:
-I don't want to make others suffer for my decision, so if friends invite me out for ice cream of coffee, I'll casually decline or I'll go, but bring along my own treat.
-Doing my best to not be manipulative, I'm going to watch my language in presenting my situation (ex: "Hey, want to go out for dinner with us?" "Thanks for offering, but I'm eating in the cafeteria tonight" "We really want you to come!" "I'm actually not spending money right now" "Oh I'll pay for you" "Thank you for offering, but there's no need... this is something I actually want to be doing") Ok so that was a lengthy example, but I think you slap my fro (catch my drift).
-Gift cards and flex dollars are A-ok! Already paid for!
-I have a $25 stash-o-cash for small emergencies (a fee at the library, someone needs $5) or donation opportunities I come across.
I realized I would not always be in a situation where I could completely give up spending money for a period of time, so I thought why not now while I'm still in college? I'll keep you posted. If any of you want to join in, let me know!

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Rachel said...

What a great idea to do it for Lent. You could even invite people from your floor over to play scrabble since it's free, and I bet it would encourage others to have a night off from spending, since so many people spend more money than they have to be social.