Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things and People I Love

Love these girls! We went on our floor's spring retreat this past weekend and spent some fabulous time in Arrowhead. It was great to be in the mountains, receiving answers and truth from the Lord, all the while enjoying rest and beauty. It is so cool that God speaks to each of us in a unique way. I learned that God tends to speak to me through lists and order (which is the way my mind naturally works). Of course, God is not limited to this, but he revealed to me this weekend that he really does care about the things that make sense to me.
I also love:
-Natural peanut butter... it takes a few days to become a convert, but it really is yummy!
-Spending the weekend with my parents.
-Mission's Conference. It's a conference this week at our school. Classes are canceled and it feels like everyone is at camp for a week. Plus, it's an amazing time to think about what God's doing in the nations.
-Last night's 4:00am run to Jax Donuts. Now, this is not typically something I do, but since a 4.4 earthquake hit at 4:04am, some girls on our floor decided to do a donut run.
-My best friend, Jamie (who happens to be sitting next to me at the moment). She wears colorful clothes and always lets me dominate the conversation when I need to. She also loves "Operation World", my favorite prayer guide.
-Planning... I always look forward to Thursday nights when I assign myself homework and administrative stuff for the week.
-Sunday afternoons. They bring the best naps.
-Singing at the top of my lungs.

What things and people do you love?

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