Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to make a killer weekly sched.

Organizing my week into manageable chunks is important for me, and if you've struggled with staying organized...or with to-do lists that are too long, I would love to share my method!
Every Thursday afternoon, I look at each syllabus to find out what reading, papers, tests, etc. are coming up the following week. At the bottom of each day on my calendar, I write in RED what is due/needs to be done by that particular date. Then, I work backward (starting from the next Thursday) to figure out when I will do each assignment. I wish I could explain this better, but hey, maybe you understand.
As far as meetings and get-togethers, I try to write tentative things in pencil, so as to eliminate crossings out. When I'm scheduling meetings with people, I will usually send them an email or note with a list of times I'm available throughout the week (for example: Monday early lunch, Tuesday morning coffee, etc.)
My favorite day to look at on my calendar is Sunday... it reads: rest (in cursive). Actually, this week it reads about four things, but the ideal Sunday is rather blank.

How do you make a weekly sched.?

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