Monday, April 5, 2010

The Value of a Good Conversation

I'm practicing my stenographer skills this morning (sitting around the breakfast table with my sister, cousins, Nana, and mom).

"We took (I think) a taxi to the tube, it goes underground... and then you get there and you're in Paris. We first went to the Eiffel Tower... so between not enough sleep, getting there at 4 in the morning and walking tons and tons of stairs, I was sooo exhausted!...We couldn't afford anything extra."
"How much is the cheapest hotel?"
"I don't remember"
"You could probably get something really cheap"
"There's like hostiles and stuff"
"I would never go to a hostile 'cause of..."
"The Sane River"
"like, 'you're insane'"
"I wanted to get Paris perfume and Italian shoes, but the Paris perfume you could get cheaper here and same with the shoes"
"And we wanted to get stuff too, but we didn't have much money and then to transfer everything into euros, it's... but we ate in a little cafe on the street."
"I want to go to Europe SO bad"
"I think you would really enjoy Florence. Rome is junkier to me."
"Well Rome, they didn't high-scale it after... Florence's buildings were prettier to begin with"
"They're both very good"
"I wonder if I can bust this banana like Dad, let's see"
"Woah I did it! I usually smoosh the banana all over my fingers"
"Yeah if it's overripe, it will splash you in the face"
"We went to H&M"
"Is this before H&M was in America?"
"There were some here"
"I think it's so awesome that in other countries, MacDonalds has different foods"

Oh my goodness, my typing muscles are actually sore! Well I do quite value conversations around the table.

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