Monday, May 10, 2010


Yup, today is one of those days I just need to write down a big, fatty list of things I'm grateful the Lord has given/done for/blessed me with. In coming to the end of a year of hard work, service, and good friendship it seems hard to say goodbye... but I want to use these last few weeks to be thankful to the God of all! Here goes... I'm thankful for:

1. The Holy Spirit... who interprets my sighs

2. My parents

3. The way my best friend Jamie knows how to make me feel appreciated

4. My sister's creativity

5. Christmas... trees, lights, and desserts

6. (speaking of which) Chocolate!

7. The accessibility of chocolate

8. My friend Brittany, for stretching my mind

9. Knowledge of social injustices... and the power to pray against them

10. An opportunity to travel this summer

11. The fact that I was not allowed to watch PG-13 movies until I was 16

12. My brother's level head

13. My sister-in-law's love for her son

14. Greeting cards

15. Psalm 1

16. The ability to sing

17. The ability to hear... if I didn't have it I couldn't sing

18. The way our crappy or embarrassing memories get covered by grace

19. My friend Marianna's honesty

20. My roommate Anna's light heart and soulful intentions

21. My health

22. A staff of RAs who love me

23. My boss, Katie, who has given me so much stinkin' perspective this year!

24. The fact that my brother-in-law feels like a real brother to me

25. My mom's ability to put on a holiday... and to hold the family together, even when she doesn't know she's doing it

26. Seasons of rest

27. The cross

28. Freedom to worship Jesus openly

29. Yosemite

30. Art... doing it and looking at it

31. The way little kids make things simpler

32. The hope of a future that is already taken care of

33. My ability to lead

34. Being the youngest child and often getting the permission to revert back to that

35. Our family's house

36. My old roommate and friend Lydia, for challenging me to choose what's right in the Lord

37. My GEM girls... for having fellowship together weekly

38. The Duggars... they truly are an encouragement to me when I watch them on TV

39. Recycling

40. Composting!

41. My high school friend Stephanie, who calls once a month

42. My other old roommate and friend Eileen, who makes me laugh about high school

43. Food to eat multiple times a day

44. A journal to write in

45. Culture

46. The fact that I was a minority growing up

47. Makeup

48. Feel-good movies

49. The Chariots of Fire song

50. My Dad's emerging reminiscent side

51. Prayer

52. Biblical teaching at school and church that is sound

53. My past with ice skating

54. Ice cream cones

55. Clean water to drink, bathe in, and cook with

56. Nicknames

57. The ability to read

58. The getting-to-know you process

59. Daydreaming

60. Plenty of clothes to wear and choose from

61. A great minivan to drive!

62. The fact that thinking of 100 things is a challenge... and a reminder that the list should never end!

63. My dear nephew Levi

64. The beauty of differing ethnicities.

65. Dancing

66. Dancing in the rain! And just the rain itself

67. Los Angeles

68. Many opportunities to serve in my area

69. A new church

70. Missionaries to pray for

71. A comfortable bed

72. A chiropractor

73. Birthdays

74. My friend Josilynn's sense of humor

75. Boring classes made for doodling and note-passing

76. Interesting classes that wiz by!

77. Valentine's day

78. Owning a printer

79. Dude! Owing a lap top

80. Scrapbooks

81. Paved streets

82. Hot showers

83. God's love

84. Orange poppy flowers

85. The miracle of pregnancy, birth, and infancy

86. National Geographic magazine

87. The Catcher in the Rye... for stretching me and for developing my empathy

88. The StrengsFinder

89. Sticky notes

90. The Lord's presence and Fatherly touch... especially on a rough day

91. Coffee

92. Giving up coffee for a bit

93. God's financial provision for me and my family

94. Owning a cell phone

95. The sequins on the back of Sparklettes trucks

96. Beautiful landscape

97. The accessibility of the beach and mountains

98. Farmer's markets

99. The Word of God

100. Any reader who made it this far!


Brittany Rae said...

I'm number 101 since no one else has commented on making it to the end yet!! Yay. :)

Laura said...

Christine that is so cool and too funny that you make lists like that cause guess what--so does your big sis! :) And it's funny some of the things that you said that would also be on mine. That was really sweet how insightful and thoughtful you were about each of the people on your list. I was feeling especially grateful for our easy life here (despite our trials) that we have compared to things Holly was describing in Mongolia...we are so fortunate! Love you and thanks for the reminder! :)