Saturday, May 15, 2010


There are a couple of issues looming in my mind. Firstly, I've been thinking of my ideal household; the household where I want to be a wife and raise my children. Ideally, I want to raise my children to live simple, green lifestyles (this is second, of course, to instilling in them the spiritual convictions and passions my husband and I will share). I want our household to be one in which we recycle everything possible, buy as much slave free food and clothing as we can, practice composting and bulk gardening, never buy a dryer but air dry all our clothing to save energy, use insulation and windows for temperature control whenever possible, and use low watt light bulbs... I dream of this!

However, I also dream of (and feel called to) living overseas for at least a major season of life. Being a missionary is what I want to "do" when I grow up... but I also long to be a wife and mother who is able to raise her children in (more or less) an American home. I'm not worried about these contrasting goals because I know the Lord has placed both on my heart for a reason. I do, however, wonder how my future look... as we all do.

Thought #2: Since I've become more and more passionate about green living in the past couple of years, I really want to get people on board with me! It's one thing for me to practice a low energy and recycling lifestyle (which I'm not perfect at, and that's ok!), but I don't feel like I'm making much of a difference for the earth unless I get people to join in! I spent a good chunk of time with this dilemma before the Lord yesterday. I said, "God, why can't I admonish others to recycle? Recycling is so easy!" He brought me through a journey in scripture and I finally sat on the example he gives us regarding creation.

God loves us more than the bird of the air, the beasts of the earth, and the flowers of the field... but he still loves them! People are, and will always be, more important than things. I need to practice that. It's fine and dandy for me to encourage others to join in the green living frenzy, but if it becomes a hindrance on a relationship, it is not worth it. Thank you, Lord, for humbling me. I truly am called to be a good steward of your plant, but I am firstly called to be a good steward of your people!

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