Saturday, May 1, 2010

The funny day at work: a story

I know blogging about work is a risky thing to do, but I'm doin' it! As many of you know, I work as an RA at school, but I have another on campus job as an office assistant in the Campus Safety department. I've had this job for almost two years and am so grateful for its steadiness in my life.

On this particular Thursday, there occured a really funny day at work. First, someone called our office wondering what we could do for her because her dollar had been sucked up by the vending machine (k, I'm exaggerating, but it was still really funny). We had a good laugh about that, seeing as we can not to a thing about the functionings of on campus vending machines! Then, I was asked to dig through my mailbox to find a letter I was supposed to have RSVPed to... after digging for a while, I pulled it up, all rusty and crumpled and such. It had been put there just a few days prior. The rust? I don't know how that happened. THEN (oh this is the best part, I hope I tell it funnily), my friend/coworker Alex and I were called back to our bosses' office for a "student opinion". I was handed a piece of styrofoam and told to, "eat it". I, obviously, questioned what, when, why, how, etc. Eat it? And then, I was informed that it was an emergency loaf. An emergency loaf? Yes, meant to be consumed in case of an emergency...lemon vanilla flavored. So, I carefully and hesitantly put the "loaf" int my mouth and started chewing. Hmm. Now, I wouldn't choose it as a stack, but it totally resembled a lemon bunt cake! Weird, weird, funny day at work.

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Marianna.Beth said...

i love love love you. you are funny.

ps. check your sp and g. i'm only saying this because i love love love you.