Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm getting a crash course in Turkish tonight! My dad and I drove over to Barns & Noble this evening and the best phrase book I could find was Mediterranean Europe with a big chunk of Turkish... hey maybe if I master it, I can move on to Sloven, Italian, and Greek (not likely)!

Praise the Lord for bringing me this far... this morning in my journal, I wrote: "I'm anxious to get this show on the road!". And it's true. I feel very well prayed-for; many thanks to those of you bringing me before the Lord.

As I sit watching the world cup and listening to the horns that sound like bumble bees, I think about just how many cultural differences I will experience in Turkey. It is inexplicably exciting to me. When I'm hit with the awkwardness of a cultural clash, I hope and pray that I can maintain this curious, learner's attitude. I know I will face plenty of difficulties while I'm away navigating, counseling high schoolers at camp, and taking in the country as a whole. Nonetheless, I am ready. Thank you, Father for calling me to this exciting adventure. Bless those at home who have helped to get me where I'm going.

Hoscakal (goodbye) everyone! Hope to be back soon (we'll see if Turkish internet is compatible with blogspot).

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