Monday, June 7, 2010

It's been a while! These first couple weeks of summer have been busy... in a great way. Finishing up work as an RA was a little sad and exhausting, but very fulfilling. The beginning of summer has looked like: catching up with friends, eating BBQ with my family, and getting ready for my trip to Turkey!

I just wrote this to my (now X...sad)roommate:

When I was little, I would get overly excited about trips to the point where waiting for the day of departure to arrive (ironic) was nearly unbearable. So, in my old age (hehe), I think I've developed a coping mechanism to think casually about my trip until a day or two before it arrives. Unfortunately, there's a lot I need to do for Turkey: shop, write a prayer letter (check!), call my doctor, read up on the female presence in a Muslim country, and oh yeah PACK... so I can't do the whole "delayed anticipation" thing this time.

Yesterday, I bought travel snacks from Trader Joe's. Yes, I use stressful and/or exciting times as an excuse to treat myself! Really good trail mix, dark chocolate-covered almonds (I don't care what people say about traveling with chocolate... it works for me!), dried mangoes, Luna bars... Yum!

Though I'm a sucker for fun pre-trip details, I am striving to keep my focus fixed on the Lord. This morning, I enjoyed a great prayer walk where I talked with him about my campers in Turkey, asked him to let the camp run smoothly, and tried to listen to what he has for me at this time. My God is so patient with me which is such a blessing.

Over and out; I'm off to more detailing! (shrugs shoulders and giggles with delight... then spell-checks shoulders)

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