Saturday, May 29, 2010


So how about a few key lessons from the semester?

I've learned:

1. The importance of building trust: I learned this lesson in my intercultural adjustment class, which I've talked a little about before here at myHandH. To build trust with someone, you must be willing to both be vulnerable and to accept their vulnerability. Mutual respect is ideal in an interpersonal relationship, but grace often "trumps all" and gives room for one party or the other to be pardoned (oh if only my professor could read these thoughts and put them toward my grade). Trust is necessary in foundation building when trying to bring someone to the's also necessary for good friendship.

2. The Lord does not work by our time frame (and we should be glad): Being an RA this year has been a blast and a challenge. I did not expect God to work out difficult emotional struggles while I was in the position. In fact, I was often frustrated by the Lord's choice in time frame for my soul's deep cleaning. I, however, came to realize in a practical sense what it means to trust that God knows what's best for me.

3. The beginning of life is really an incredible thing: I saw this as I spent a bit of time with Levi. He is precious and the way God's used him to bring the family together in a stronger sense is incredible.

4. Little mistakes don't mean I'm "kicked out" of the kingdom (by any means): Our God is a God of grace. I'm still learning this lesson. He does not condemn me with statements and thoughts full of blame; he does not shake his head in hopelessness over my blunders. My God loves me!

Thanks for joining me for the semester... more thoughts, wonder-ings, inspirations, and passions to come this summer.

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