Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Feelin' Hungry...

I don't know about you, but about two hours after breakfast, I, in the main, get hit with a major snack attack. So part two is for all my hypoglycemic (or close to it) kindred spirits!

The mid-morning snack special of the day is: Italian Delight Atop Focaccia. While watching Rachel Ray the other day (yes, love that lady), she gave me a tip for grilling bread face down so all the nooks and crannies get evenly buttered and grilled. With that tip in mind, I set my focaccia, buttered, down on the pan. "Atop", I placed mozzarella cheese and covered the whole deal with a lid (which allowed for room to breath... we don't want a cheesy lid). Once the cheese was melted, the snack (I'm struggling to find fitting words for "the piece of bread with cheese on it") was removed and plated. I placed three sliced of yellow, garden fresh tomatoes and a sprig of basil over the cheese. Buon appetito!

A good rule of thumb: Put anything with ice in a goblet and it'll look fancy, put anything in a ceramic mug and it'll look homey. So, paired with a glass of iced white grape juice, this elegant mid-morning snack should keep you going for hours!

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