Saturday, September 18, 2010

To be "All Better"...

This weekend, I'm on a retreat with my major. Hanging out with a bunch of people who are also passionate about reaching the unreached people groups of the world with the name of Jesus is usually inspiring and energizing. However, feeling under the weather prevents my energy level from reaching its potential. All morning, I had visions of escaping the retreat (Ha! "Retreat from retreat...")to study at a warm, quiet coffee shop. "Just getting there" was my mantra for the first few hours of today.

When I got to said coffee shop where I now sit, I didn't feel quite so satisfied. It's cold outside (oh, how LOVELY!... If only I'd been better dressed for the weather), my book is hard to absorb, and the noises of the street are invading my "happy place" thought goals. It was not until after I realized that I've spent over $8 on a CERTAIN coffee shop today that I realized I had come to depend on my idea of escape. Even in the past hour, the Lord has impressed upon my heart that I will only feel "all better" and completely liberated from my antsy-ness when I'm walking in and depending upon his plan. Thank you, oh righteous and jealous God for telling me this.

Thanks for bearing with my confession.

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jsprizzle said...

Such an awesome lesson! To add to that a bit- you will also never feel fully all better until you are in the Father's presence.