Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why I Write

When I care to make an impact with my writing, I often write in lists. Perhaps this is because essays are more time consuming to generate. But perhaps its because I prefer to write the “fun stuff” as a portrayal of my thought processes. And my thoughts definitely take on more of a list-programming than paragraph format.

So why do I write? Here are my top ___:

1.I write with the hope of glorifying God. I delight in the written word, but more specifically, I love writing the written word. Getting the nonsense that makes up my thoughts wrangled into something concrete is so satisfying. I like to make God happy and he delights when I’m delighting. This goes for you too! Isn’t that great?
2.I write to take myself more seriously…and as I write this sentence, Lady Gaga comes on. I need to take a break and party…
3.Ok, Coldplay is better for this kind of stuff. I write to encourage others.
4.I write to make a convicting impact.
5.I write because of the sweet release.
6.I blog specifically for getting my words out there… clicking publish and knowing that my thoughts, my opinions, and bits of my personality are on the web for anyone to see is so thrilling to me. On the flip side, limiting myself to certain words and pieces of information BECAUSE everyone can see what’s up is a fun challenge for me.
7.I write to widen my vocabulary. True confession: when I started my blog last December, I made myself replace at least one word per post with a synonym. I used my Thesaurus a lot and learned plenty of new words!

I guess it was my top seven.

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