Friday, December 24, 2010

The ABC's we love about Christmas

This is a co-authored effort by Jamie and me. We're bringing you the best of Christmas all wrapped up in a tidy little alphabet package. Here are our favorites from this season and seasons past:

Abundance of food (office treats are my fave)

Baby boy ("So much joy over this baby boy" is a song lyric from our church's Christmas album that has been newly realized in my heart this season)


Decorations. Except Jamie's family opted out of the decorating this year, on accident.


Finishing finals! really is better than receiving.

Home, being there.

Inspiring advent sermons

Jingle bells! Levi loves to shake 'em.

Kind-hearted strangers.

Looking at lights with special "peeps"

Mistletoe above my door.

Noel ("I love that song", says Jae)

Opening gifts and hearing the story behind them ("I was at the store and I..." "You'll never guess how I thought of this one...")

Pandora Christmas stations. Some favorites this year: Bing Crosby Christmas, Casting Crowns Christmas, Sufjan Stevens Christmas

Quirky Christmas parties, especially at school. No one has quite enough money to throw a dazzling event, but the tacky/funky get-togethers always satisfy.

Reverence: there is a lasting sense of it, even in the songs that get played at malls...people make an effort to go to church.

Scents: cinnamon, Christmas tree, apple cider, coffee with seasonal creamers


Unity. People gather and there is a sense of generous unity in the air.

Virgin conception and birth (Maybe it's a little graphic, but think about it!).

Watching movies while Wrapping presents.

X-mas, it actually doesn't cross out the Christ, it MEANS Christ.

Yulelog on DVD! Makes a great alternative to a real fire any day.

Zeal for a new year.

Merry Christmas, readers. Enjoy the special day with your loved ones, keeping Jesus as your center. Christ is born!


Oliver & Laura Quines said...

Very nice ladies! I loved this and kind of want to print it out to look at next year. haha. :) -Laura

Tiffany said...

YES. Love it!
Merry Christmas you Californians! :D