Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tributary Time

School's done; you'd think I would not want a thing to do with it. Wrong! For one, I spent 9 (k, maybe a wee bit less) hours in the rain yesterday working graduation... my mantra for the night was, "This too shall pass AND Christmas is coming". I spent a good amount of time singing (loudly) as I drove my little cart around the bare "overflow" lots. Well, thank you Lord for employment.

On a happier note, I'd like to dedicate this post to the great professors I've had this semester. Wow, for such a tough and roller-coaster like season, the Lord sure blessed me with adept teachers from which I learned huge amounts of information. More significant than this, these men portrayed Christ's love by learning our names and teaching their classes relevantly.

Dr. Morton of Intro to Islam. What a perspective rocking class! Dr. M, you did bring out the rebel in me at times, especially with the "women in Islam" lecture. But I so grooved on this! I learned a lot about deciding what I believe and why that's so vital in cross-cultural ministry. Best of all, you got me hooked up with ESL for Muslims which has been a fascinating experience.

Dr. Davis, oh Dr. Davis! For a first semester prof, this man knew his stuff. Abnormal Psych was something I was a little nervous about... thinking about crazy people all the time, you know? Quite honestly though, I was so grateful for your ability to read the class, be patient with us, and communicate good stories from your own experiences. Your sensitivity to the subject matter was necessary and totally appreciated. Thanks, too, for bringing a little bit of the real South here to the south of cal with you!

Dr. Thoennes, Theo I with you was such a ride. From the first "HELLO" (people, there's a reason that's all caps), you had us! I am thankful for your simple and sure love for God. It's contagious, 'cause I think I love God more now than I did before. Your expectations for attention in class were refreshing and challenging, while your words about the Lord were soaked in love and truth. This class left me asking good questions like, "Do my positive attributes from the Lord add to my ontological value, or is ontological value assumed without notice of character?" Oh, and by the way, my new favorite Christmas song is "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing".

Dr. Waller, I really like your vocabulary. In fact, I made a list of all the cool (dandy/marvelous/sensational/swell) words you used during our final class session. Ready?
Ardent (Ooo! Good one.)
Oh, plus you taught us a lot about philosophy too! It's possible that I never said it outright, but maybe you could tell throughout the semester that philosophy is just not my thing. However, I looked forward to your class because you made these crazy concepts much more approachable for us. Thanks for taking on an extra long day at work to make this class happen, too.

So to professors who should now be sipping a warm beverage and wearing embarrassingly ugly wool "home" socks, I say THANK YOU! Thank you for getting to know me as a person and a student. And thanks for stopping by myHandH.

Y'all, 9 more posts and I've reached #100! I need good ideas for what I'll dub "the centennial post".

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Tiffany said...

Congrats on finishing your semester!! Sounds like you had awesome/really interesting classes. You'll have to fill me in on that "Women and Islam" lecture. Sounds fascinating.