Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Big Fat Sigh of Relief

This is my mood. Quiet, thoughtful, canny, at peace, real tired, kinda wacky. My mood is:

PRAISE THE LORD that finals are over. I had four yesterday; what a day! It was the kind of day where I felt like I would be drinking coffee all day to keep going, but was so busy studying, running around, turning things in, having my "shining moments" of knowledge-display...I didn't even have time for coffee, which was probably advantageous.

And no, today was not exactly the inaugural Christmas break day. I spent my morning and afternoon teaching English, running around (hmm, a theme), and seeing Jae. Yes! The dear girl is home and she was wearing shorts in celebration of the "warm" weather, ha!

At English, we had a white elephant gift exchange. Firstly, I had to make up a story for what the white elephant gift exchange was. Yeah, I made up a story because who knows where this tacky (ahem, may I say WHITE) tradition came from? Well, post ESL class, I did a little research. Read on, all who are curious:
(...and someone tell me how to make blogspot linkable!)

Anyways, after I made up a story that had nothing to do with the real deal, we opened junk. The prized gift? My Gramma's old, broken umbrella. I'm actually quite impressed with myself for letting 'ol Mr. Tumnus go... he was my faithful rainy day companion for years after Gramma passed away. But he's really, super broken. Enough showing affection to my inanimate objects. Long story short, I introduced a bunch of ESL students to the crazy of this American tradition today. Success!

Thank you for allowing me to ramble on... so go the thoughts of a post-finals girl.

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