Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Hey, Still Here... In my Bedroom

Sorry for the delay with this series. I finally have a computer again! I haven't had one since Thanksgiving weekend, so praise Jesus for a new (cheap) hard drive. Yesssss.

...This semester is going to be frequently crazy...I'm coming home as often as possible to play with my baby nephew before my brother's family moves away...My mood is dependent on the days events, oh! how fickle am I?...I'm grateful for God's grace and healing...I love my Women in Missions class. These are just some passing, stand-outish thoughts from the (difficult) week. But it's still good to be living in this place!

Today: the bedroom, or my portion of it, at least. Pretty basic: a bed, closet, dresser, bookshelf. I made some wall art out of my favorite verse, Jeremiah 32:40-41. The words from this passage float around and through picture boxes of loved ones (which often fall off the wall in the middle of the night. Any picture-hanging suggestions? I'm trying to avoid holes in the wall).

And one day my herb garden needed a bit more sunshine so it sat on my bed... don't you just LOVE the ceramic mushroom?! I do. It was my second favorite Christmas present (after the espresso machine!). Thanks, Sissy.

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We have very different standards for basic.