Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Sunny Bathroom

I'll spare you pictures of the bathroom...though it is cute. There was a collection of Dutch windmill stuff around home, so I decided to go with a Dutch theme for the bathroom. My Granpa was born in Amsterdam (I can hear him saying that in his Dutch accent now) and we grew up with the fun influence of stories from the homeland. It's nice to think of Granpa (who's now with Jesus)...even if it is in the bathroom, hehe! With a new blue and white shower curtain that matches the pretty Holland-inspired things, our bathroom has a feel. A good, clean, sunny feel.

And yes! The bathroom is sunny... I've never had a sunny bathroom before. I "grew up" in a bathroom without windows. That sounds funny. I didn't grow up in a bathroom, but you know... my childhood bathroom? Whatever. This one has a largish window that streams in pretty pretty sunshine. And people, I'm not really a sunshine kind of girl. I really love cold weather, but sunshine is still cheery. So here's a print from Watercolor Works Etsy Team Blog to represent our sunny bathroom:

...and I love the wall heater in our bathroom. Another little thing to remind me of Gramma and Granpa's old house.

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