Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things I Enjoy and Where They're From

I wrote in my journal this week a list of things I love and where those things come from. It helps me to feel more secure when I take ownership of my loves and passions. Here ya go:

Seasons. This love comes from having lived in SoCal my whole life and having a lack of seasons. It also comes from my need to categorize life into months, chunks...seasons in order to see growth and have closure.

Chocolate. "I got it from my mama" (really)!

Travel. It comes from traveling...and wishing...and needing to be part of something bigger.

Warm Beverages. This love came with college. Oh I wish I could say more, but to really share this piece of happiness with you, I'd have to make you a latte.

Slow Mornings. This comes from Brit and Nan, the sisters! I had lots of slow mornings with them last year when Brit and I were floor partners. They taught me the value of taking time for joy and meditation before the day starts.

Owls and Mushrooms. From a blooming collection of each; I also have this romantic notion of a magical forest in which they live and fit so enchantingly.

Camping. This love comes from growing up "in" Yosemite (or camping in, at least).

Girlie Movies and TV Shows. I believe my enjoyment of these originated with my sister...we would eat in front of the TV whenever she babysat ("Shh! Don't tell Mom and Dad, Chrissy!")

Peaceful and Pretty Genres of Music. This comes from listening and exploring...

Homemaking. A lack of sport's teams as a child, an apartment, and a mom from the '50s.

I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorites and where were they born/started? I'm helping you become more secure...hehe!

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Marianna.Beth said...

i love dandelions. this comes from spring 2009, sycamore lawn at biola. rainbows, this comes from a dream i had once. painting by number, comes from a trip to michaels with my first R.A., the first friday i spent at biola. coffee, comes from my sister. ditching school/classes, also comes from my sister. folk music, this actually comes from brit too, but i think i've far surpassed her in my love/obsession with it. harmonicas, comes from mumford and sons. high tea, cider, and wine, comes from my summer in Europe. traveling by train, also from my summer in Europe. making people laugh, comes from being surprised at my brother laughing at my jokes and i always got such joy from making him laugh....this could go on...