Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 5 Pound Waste Challenge

Did you know that on average, Americans throw away 4.6 pounds of garbage per day, per person?! Hey, I didn't make this up! That's the weight of an average bag of groceries! So I'm trying to get my total amount of waste per week down to about 5 pounds. This sounds so easy right? Well that includes everything, garbage produced at home, in public, at school... it really adds up.

Why do I care about this? Because God made this earth and I believe one of my duties while on it is to protect its beauty. Of course, I always stick to my philosophy that people are more important than things. But I've lately been more excited to share really practical ideas with people about how reducing and reusing before recycling can be easy, fun, and more impactful to the earth. Instead of telling, let me just show you a few things around my home that I've re-purposed into decorations or useful items.

So whether you join the 5 pound waste challenge or not, I challenge you to reuse something this weekend! Be creative; share your ideas with me.


Kristina said...

You would love Eugene you can't throw anything away here

'Becca said...

I also have a mug that cracked so I glued it back together and made it a pencil jar!

Here's my big list of ways to reuse stuff.