Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy WORLD Environment Day! (Oh hey, I'm in Turkey)

Merhaba! Hopefully many of you received an email from me about my happened, hehe.

Days 1, 2, and 3 of this adventure have been great and praise Him that I am nearly adjusted to the time difference. I am no slave to jet lag!

Friday evening, I arrived and was picked up by Renata, who commended me on my not over-packing (Yes!). We got to their house, had the first melon of the season (what a blessing; I felt like I would be missing out on the garden at home, but hello, I forgot I'd be returning to the land of fresh produce...Dad, you would die at the sight of this farmer's market. Amazing.), and then I was off to bed.

On Saturday (yesterday) we attended a Shakespeare festival for the youth group at church. It was basically an end of the school year talent show. After, there was a BBQ and fellowship time in the courtyard at church. I met many people, including some co-counselors who will be at camp. After that, we headed to a new friend's house for dinner and then back home for birthday ice cream. It was Krista's birthday on Friday! She is my co-intern and I was so happy to finally meet her face to face yesterday. We share lots of the same interests and personality traits, so I know we will work well together.

This morning, I am about to go get ready for church where Jim will be giving a message having to do with World Environment Day. You can imagine how excited I am.


He asked if I would get up and speak during testimony time on some ways I find creation care compelling and how I live this out. Wow! Who would've thought. Our God is SO good.

The hard work of camp prep will likely start tomorrow, so I may update again mid-week. Thank you all for lifting me up! I definitely need it and appreciate it greatly.

Güle güle (see you later)!

The picture above is me in Istanbul, obviously enjoying some trail mix at who knows what hour (my bod was a bit confused by that point).


Anonymous said...

Praying for you sissy! So thankful for how God is already working in the first few days of you being there. Wish I could see you in action. Love you and miss you! Kinda of cooler and cloudy today so dreaming of our Fall Day in a few months...haha. Thanks for making time to share with us!!


Anonymous said...

This sounds soooo exciting. I miss you, I feel the same way as Laura. The Lord has given you a true gift and it is very thrilling to see and hear of your use of it.
I'm sure that these 7wks will fly by faster than it seems they already are.