Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love Comments!

Today is the day! Here's what I'll look like for the next 7 weeks:

I loved finding this backpack in our rafters the other day. Apparently it belongs to my brother and I didn't even know we had it! I'll be honest: I'm bringing another suitcase too, but I did achieved my goal of not (majorly) over-packing! I am, again, owning the Birkenstock and Nalgene look this summer...ChristINE with the grEEN NalgENE.

[And have no fear, I WILL find a way to recycle in Turkey.]

So...if I may leave a very blunt hint, I LOVE COMMENTS! And since commenting may be a little difficult on blogger, I've made a cheat sheet for all my faithful readers. To leave a comment:

Click on the "comments" link at the bottom of the post.

Leave your comment in the box that appears.

Sign your name IN the comment and click the "anonymous" button bellow commenting box.

Click submit and you're done!

If you have a google or blogger account, you can sign in and leave a comment with your username, but anonymous commenting is very quick and simple. If you're able, I would love to hear from you! Also, do not hesitate to email me whilst I'm gone (British house guests had a lovely effect on me).

See you all on the other side!

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