Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The day. after. tomorrow.

These are some pics of my last few days...celebrating the wedding of my sister's best friend, spending time with my family, saying goodbye to my dear friends (Nan and I spent 3 hours in an arboretum today and then Rubie and I roamed around a deserted downtown and ended up in a beautiful courtyard. Good day!)...

My to-do list still includes:
-Go to bank
-Pray (yes, I put it on my to-do list)
-Send a thank you
-Clean my room so as to not make Mama crazy
-Find people on Skype (I swear I do not remember my Skype name so I always have to search for others, hmm)
-Put apartment boxes in storage
-Lunch with sister
-Paint toe nails
-Stop by pharmacy
-Find headphones
-Charge electronics
-Change voice mail

I'm hopeful.

I've also started my summer reading list...I decided to make this a re-reading summer because it's been a while since I've read some of my favorites.

The Great Gatsby-Fitzgerald
To Kill a Mockingbird-Lee
Fairest (not old, been meaning to read)-Levine
some Narnias-Lewis
Persuasion-Austin (I've read it half way through about 5 times now...finally bought the movie the other day so I can have some help...it's a slow one but I know there's a good ending. I mean it's Jane Austin.)
maybe A Summer Life-Soto

I also picked these for their compact qualities; I own most of them in paperback. My challenge is to NOT over-pack this year. I tend to bring too much, but the one thing you should never travel without: scissors. Seriously! You'll always need them at some point and people will love you for having scissors.

One more full day until I take off...I will do my best to update again before that happens. Blessed evening, friends.

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