Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've moved out of my apartment! Moving out after the school year is over is always a bitter-sweet process for me. I had the joy of never having to move during my growing up years. I lived in the same house from birth until college...but now, moving in and out of dorms and apartments has become a yearly norm. In a way, maybe a move when I was younger may have prepared me to handle closure better.

I do not like goodbyes. I don't like saying goodbye to loved ones and I don't even like saying goodbye to familiar places, like my apartment of 5 months (I know, that went by fast!). I especially don't like saying goodbye to people I've only known for a short time...this is something I get nervous about when thinking toward my trip. I know at camp we, as counselors, will bond quickly and (in hopes) cohesively because of the nature of our work and the close proximity we'll share. Though I LOVE team-building and leadership-setting friendships, I hate saying goodbye at the end.

Mission's trips, weekend trips, wedding parties...this is always how I feel when short ventures come to a close. I think: I've made great friends and now I will probably never see them again on this side of heaven. But there is where I gain comfort: usually the people I bond to closely in a short amount of time are Christians and as C.S. Lewis said, "Christians never say goodbye". I know that I will have eternity with my new quick friends to worship Jesus together and even hang out together. I just imagine part of heaven being this great reunion of all the people you wanted to get to know more while on earth.
This reminds me that I am a nomad. Earth is not my home because on earth we have to say goodbye!

In another sense, I've been quite the literal nomad this week. After moving out in a couple of phases, I've slept in an empty apartment, on the floor at home, on a couch at home, and on a bed at Jamie's house. We have some lovely European guests staying at home right now. It's been fun to get to know them...but I've also had to be on the lookout for a place to sleep every night (don't tell Mom, she has been very apologetic and gracious. It's ok, Mom, I like the adventure!). All this to say, I am very eager for tomorrow when I will get to put my packed up boxes away for the next apartment in August and start packing for Turkey...where I'll continue to be a nomad for the summer, living in at least 3 different locations during my 7 weeks there.

God is definitely stretching my heart to be flexible. And he is so good to provide rest and time wherever I am...he knows my needs and he loves to teach me about my needs as well.

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