Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peanut butter, natural birth, Kenya, Çıralı...

I made these with Jamie on Saturday (she's home, she's home, she's home!). I got the recipe from this fun website that features numbered cupcakes...one for each age?? I don't know but if so, I'd like to go back to being 17 forever because cupcake 17 (pictured) was delectable.

And I never want to turn 23 (are you tracking?). I once threw up 14 times in one night from eating bad lemon meringue pie. Yes, I was 11 but I still can't take it! No way am I ever enjoying a lemony dessert again. K, now that that's settled...

Let's just make this good links day. I watched Pregnant in America on hulu today. Why? Well I thought it was going to be yet another movie about a pregnant teenager discovering the difficulties and responsibilities of motherhood...who knew that would ever become a genre? Anyway, it was an enlightening documentary about natural childbirth and the horrors of America's health care system. I made some very new decisions about how I will be giving birth...that's all I'll say about that. If you have a movie-amount of time to spare, it's worth it! Just the exposure to this culture of natural mothering is new and interesting.

I'm (mostly) done with the semester! Yawheoooow! In my heart, I'm singing a song I learned in Kenya when I was 16. You are so faithful... if you listen close between all the "ehyayaya"s of the children, you can hear the beautiful chorus emerge:
That's why I praise you in the morning
That's why I praise you in the noon time
That's why I praise you in the evening
That's why I praise you all the time!
And it's impossible to sing that song without the beautiful Euro/Kenyan accent. What a beautiful place Kenya is...

Really and truly, God has been so faithful to me. To the me who needs reminders every morning, noon time, and evening; to the me who sometimes needs to start over at each of those times...and even more often. He is so faithful and that's why I'm praising him this ev-e-ning. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me through this tough semester.

I think today I need to number my thoughts. I know they have no cohesive theme. Oh wait, links! K, what link can I share with you to explain just how excited I am to leave for Turkey next week? I do not know. I think I would usually refer people to my blog at this point, but...

Here! This is what I am ready for. This is a picture of the sea we sit by every day at camp. More importantly, however, I am ready for the people I will meet, learn from, minister to, reconnect with, share a few weeks of life with. The people are what make any land enchanting, aren't they?

Thank you for excusing my scattered brain this evening. Did I mention I'M DONE WITH FINALS??

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