Friday, May 20, 2011

18 hours, 18 pictures

Thanks to Sticky Mango Feet, I got this fun idea. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not an "all about my day" blogger (neither is she), but sometimes the mundane/every day inspires the greatest ideas. This day happened to be NOT so mundane...and here it is. 18 hours, 18 pictures.

6:00am-Getting to work on that research paper.


8:00am-Still workin'.

9:00am-Spiritual Direction at school.

10:00am-A quick stop at work to finish up a project (Hi Diane!).

11:00am-Leadership Development...last day of class!

12:30pm-NOT presenting this painting I hauled around all day. Bummer, but we ran out of time in class, which means an extra thing to do during Finals week. Oh well!

1:00pm-Wisking myself away to the library to finish the research paper.

2:00pm-Afternoon SCHLUMP. Coffee break before my shift at work begins.


4:00pm-Found this little guy to give me an aesthetic boost.

5:00pm-Still at work. No, I do not work in the medical field, my boss just likes to teach me fun things, hehe.

6:00pm-Internship class.

7:00pm-In between signing our internship covenant, prayer, and class evals...Lauren flew to San Flisco (hehe, just for you, Lauren) today to get her visa for India. This makes me grateful for Turkish customs!

8:00pm-HOME sweet home.

9:00pm-Little Women. Yes, I do find it refreshing, thank you.

10:00pm-A little sumo wrestling with my roommie before going to bed.

10:30pm-Goodnight (Woops! That's 19 pictures.).

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