Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Headed to camp tomorrow!

Some important things I need to report (I'm mentally...and physically making notes so I don't forget anything):

The Friday shopping trip at Metro
P________t Sunday
The balcony.

I have the dog on my lap...I don't particularly like animals, but I've made a great connection with Dabi. I think it's because I give him my leftover meat and let him lick me when I'm sweaty (ok, maybe TMI, but it's a dog thing!). So yes, right now Dabi and I are sitting on the balcony, listening to evening Turkish street music, updating the blog. With our current location in mind, I'll start with "the balcony". Getting up early and sitting on the balcony with my journal, the Word, and an iced chai has become one of my favorite parts of my temporarily-usual routine. From here, I can see the street below, the entire city, a great portion of the sea, and the mountains. Yes, this is me suffering for my Master, haha!
In all seriousness, I have really been feeling blessed and I'm grateful for this balcony. I will miss it! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this is the last evening I'm staying at this particular house.

Tomorrow, we go to camp! Most of this week has been devoted to camp preparations...which leads me to "the Friday shopping trip at Metro". Metro is like a Costco-Target-Ikea-Home Depot-gone European! It is very large and very familiar looking, oddly enough. This past Friday, we traveled there to shop for all the camp snacks. Believe me, we shopped hard! We filled two large crates and two regular shopping carts with snacks and other various supplies for camp. Some favorite Turkish snacks of mine are Dankeks and Cizi crackers...we'll be eating a lot of those in the weeks to come.
Metro, check.

This Sunday was "P_____t Sunday". Interestingly enough, there was a guest speaker and guest music team visiting our service. I was teaching the children's lesson, but the children get to sit in on a good part of the service before being dismissed, so I was able to witness something really cool. A man got up and read from Acts, when we found that our situation was quite similar to the one being recited! We were also gathered in an upper room with about the same amount of people listed in the Word. In fact, the very area of Antalya is mentioned in Acts (it's ancient name). This was just a really neat experience and a very profound showing of God's continuous work in a place that has gone backward in the realm of JC's influence.

Ah, yes. "Rain-o-plenty"...don't have too much to say about this, but I have been enjoying the sporadic showers. Though the sun has been out for the most part, we've seen a downpour in the late afternoon for the past few days. So interesting to me! I'll allow the pictures to tell the story (yes, it's me, dancing in the rain!...and trying on snorkel gear).

...and up top is the Dedeman: my very literal "beacon of light". I can see it from my bed when I sleep so I know if I've found it as a bus stop, I'm almost home!

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Anonymous said...

Your P_______________T Sunday sounds a lot more significant than mine, though mine was good too :) I didn't realize the day until it was 10:45 p.m. :) P.S.!!!! It was Alex's birthday the day you wrote this blog. We ate breakfast at Ruby's on the pier in Seal Beach, then went KAyaking. We ate dinner at Lucille's BBQ then watched SOul Surfer at the Dollar Theater and snuck in cupcakes :) Missing you, and still loving the updates :) And I'll be "lifting you up" as you are now at camp!!! :) <3 Mindy