Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reça ederim (?)

We've had some days off while Renata and Jim have been away, so we've done a lot of things around the house! Yesterday, this meant cleaning, setting up the upstairs balcony for "outdoor eating season", and cooking with Belgin, one of the cooks from Paul's Place.

We had so much fun! She speaks very little English and I (obviously) speak very little Turkish, so we took it upon ourselves to teach one another some important phrases. Neither of us keow how to say "You're welcome" in the other language, so we worked on that for a while. It's funny, hearing someone try to remember "you're welcome" by repeating and working through each syllable made me realize how silly I must sound trying to say "reça ederim". I don't even know if reça is the right word, but I know it's close!

So Belgin and I made quite the dinner! We put together a savory tart with dough that was made from scratch. The tart had olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and 3 different white cheeses ("beyaz penir"). Then, I learned how to make a proper Turkish salad with VERY thinly cut lettuce. It took a while to cut! Lastly, Belgin put together a delicious chicken dish with cream, cheese, and potato chips...not the healthiest dinner overall, but very yummy.

Today things will pick up a bit more, as camp quickly approaches. Admin is my middle name! I am so grateful for the many opportunities we have to work indoors as the weather warms up significantly. My body is still not used to this humidity, so a constant sweat is strange. I'm grateful, too, for the goodness of God toward me and toward this family. We have met so many friendly people and I am excited about the staff that will be up at Olive Grove.

More soon!

During the "inaugural" swim in the Med, Krista (left), Tressa (right), and I paid a tribute to Titanic, hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Christine, We are so glad to hear of all of your adventures and the way you are blessing others in Turkey! We are thinking of you often. The beach looks lovely!Love, Mom