Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No me gusta.

I've always wanted to do a whole post on things I don't like...but the only time I think of actually writing that list out is when I'm already in the world's worst mood. So I thought, "Hey tonight I seem to be in a pretty good mood. Why don't I think about stuff I don't like!" I know, a little illogical, but I try.

You can learn a lot about someone by knowing what they like... but by knowing what they don't like, do you think you can learn more? I wonder. Maybe I'll start asking people what they do not prefer when I meet them. No, that would scare them off and I have already been called "refreshingly candid" in my life...which could be a euphemism for "strange and blunt".

Just kidding. The friend who called me refreshingly candid really meant it and I was flattered. So! With that candid spark lit, I'm going to share with you: una lista de cosas que no me gustan.

1. Styrofoam. Absolutely horrible for the environment and it feels really unnatural.

2. Black licorice. They say men have more of a natural inclination toward this flavor? Well, I'm not a man, that's for sure.

3. Swear words combined with improper grammar. Though I don't use foul language for the most part, I'm still a believer in the "a time and a place" theory when it comes to strong words. But it is never the right time or place when you can't even use your swear word in its proper part of speech. People, there's a difference between a verb and an adjective.

4. Certain genres of music: smooth jazz, screamo, soft rock, womanizing rap...

5. Hair in the shower drain. Gag.

6. Ayran. If you haven't heard of it, look it up... believe me, it does not taste like milk (though it looks quite like it).

7. Texting during a face-to-face conversation. If you must reply, could you please say, "excuse me"?

8. Nightlife. I know that's really general and no, I don't despise night in general. I just am not the girl you'd usually find in a noisy club dancing the night away... I'm good for about 5 dances max and then I'm done. Really done.

9. Sad movies. Though sometimes I crave a good, cathartic cry, I can not usually handle them.

10. Rude customers. "Sir, I'm just doing my job. You realize this was not my personal decision, don't you?"

11. A tacky color combination. For instance, fuchsia and was cool in the '80s and then again in 8th grade for like 6 months. No longer.

Wow! I think I should stop while I'm ahead, but good news: I am not in a bad mood from making that list. It was actually quite helpful to articulate some of those things that just irk me; even some things that I simply don't prefer. You should try it sometime. Digame, porfavor, las cosas que no te gustan.

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