Sunday, July 3, 2011

Olive Grove 2011

I'm alive!

Haha, you could take that many ways. No, I've not been able to blog much because of being at Olive Grove. And yes, I survived the two and a half weeks of madness...hence my liveliness. It was a successful year and we saw many kids come to know and trust the Lord! That is worth it all.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to process after an experience like this. Coming back to Antalya yesterday afternoon felt, in a strange way, like coming home. To know what's going on here; to be able to navigate my way around the city...that felt good. I've been resting and preparing for a vacation, actually! I leave tomorrow for Marmaris, a town north of Antalya. I have the pleasure of staying at one of my camper's homes and getting to know her family, as well as hang out with my numerous friends who live there. It should be a really great change of pace and a nice week of rest in between two very different ministries.

So, because I'm still processing my experience, I thought I would instead share my top 10 pictures from Olive Grove and leave you with little captions to ponder...

1. Orientation: a time to have good conversations about TCKs and to get acquainted with one another as a staff.

2. Beads! This is how kids (and counselors) buy ice cream throughout the hot days... my personal favorite: pistachio disc.

3. Discovering new additions to the facilities... some of the high school girls got really cool cabins!

4. Opening night introduction skits: an Olive Grove must.

5. Tie dye day!

6. of my many beloved girls and my hostess for this coming week! (We also happen to have matching Nalgenes.)

7. I got to spend lots of time working in this office during the second week. Hooray for air conditioning!

8. A hike up to the eternal flames...another Olive Grove tradition!

9. Bonkers! The Friday afternoon big group game.

10. And...saving the best for last: a beautiful sunrise on the beach to end everyone's week on a sweet note.

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